Anonymous asked: How old r u

Olllldddd. Very old. Hehe. Guess!

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dejavuleen105 asked: I Love your blog :D Keep it up and Please Check Mine :D

Always enjoy a compliment. Thanks! Ironic though, your blog has nothing on it.

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You’re just a good for nothing fuck! Crown the empire
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Half of me wants a passionate, romantic relationship. Where each kiss that touches upon my lips sends me flying. Where I feel complete, and safe with their arms wrapped around me in a sensual embrace. Where the little things give me tingles, like a kiss on the forehead, a single flower, or a day cuddling and napping.

But, half of me wants a raw, sexual relationship. Where when I come home from work, immediately I am forced against the wall to struggle. Where I am pinned and madeout with as my heart beat thumps. Where with each teasingly touch my body craves more. Where biting and scratching only lead to clothes being thrown off as our bodies knock down everything in our path. Where the sex is rough, and the night never ends.

But, 100% of me wants both.

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demonic-queen asked: please don't purge or starve yourself! you're wayy to beautiful for that. feel free to come and talk to me if you ever need somebody to talk to. okay? okay. i care about you, remember that <3

Thank you so much…<3 but I’m not even close to beautiful.

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Anonymous asked: Please take care of yourself. No more purging, no more starving. You deserve every happiness and this way of living will not let you enjoy any happiness. I'm sending hugs and strength your way, and rooting for your recovery.

This is so sweet I’m crying…<3

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Someone please come cuddle with me. I’m feeling so terrible. I really need someone to hold me and let me cry on their shoulder, and tell me everything will be okay..

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I need all the purging tips I can get. I’m so desperate. I’m nervous and excited. Please anyone. Help me.

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brittadoom asked: When you get this, post 5 things that you like about yourself. Afterwards, ask 10 of your followers!! 😘✌️

1. My hair

2. My wrists

3. My writing ability

4. My teeth

5. My feet

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Just ate eggs and toast. Feeling like purging. Someone want to help me? Either purge with me, or stop me.

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I would really appreciate a Mia buddy. Anyone. Please. I’m desperate.

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All I want is to look good in tiny underwear, baggy/oversized sweatshirts, shorts, leggings, skinnies, and tanks. I desperately want to have a flat stomach, and skinny legs. But I have to be so short and chubby, and stubby. I want my beautiful bones to stick out. I want a fucking thigh gap. I will do whatever possible to get it. Even if it is bad. I want to be tiny. I want to be beautiful. I want to be petite. I need to be skinny.

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So, sadly I’m thinking of resorting to purging. I can’t handle this.

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